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Resource Package Enquiry Form

Thank you for choosing Waterstone Law Group. Our motivation at WLG is to provide highly valuable service in a way that respects your unique needs, hopes, and concerns. Combining one of our comprehensive Workbooks with the time you spend working directly with our lawyers or mediators, our Resource Packages allow you to focus on your path forward. We will focus our legal or mediation expertise where you need it, and guide toy in areas you are able to handle more independently.

We presently offer three different Resource Packages:

  • Our Family in Two Homes is for separating couples/individuals who will be transitioning to co-parenting in two homes
  • Our Family in A Few Homes is for separating couples/individuals whose children are grown
  • Designing our Future Together is for couples who are cohabiting, getting married, and/or blending families
Please complete the enquiry form below, and we will contact you at the e-mail address you provide. If you prefer a phone call, we are happy to schedule a 10-minute phone call with you at no cost.

Other Partner

We will contact you to discuss your needs or book an appointment. Our intake process is intended to ensure you receive the best, and most cost-efficient, service to meet your needs.

A variety of practical and effective resource packages to help you work things out