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Our Approach

Our lawyers are highly trained in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, so that we can help you get what you need – practically, legally and in a way that respects the relationships you have built. We tailor our approach to meet your unique needs.

Our firm offers direct legal consultation, mediation, negotiation and collaborative practice options. We will explain your choices and ensure you understand your legal rights and obligations. We will help you identify your needs and priorities, and work with you to design the best solutions for your family’s situation.

We offer innovative pricing and resource packages so that you can choose how you want to work with us, and so we can ensure we give you highly valuable service.

When you work with Waterstone Law Group, you have access to the diverse skills of our team – including family mediation, negotiation and collaborative practice.

Family Mediation

Family mediation can help you resolve separation and divorce issues, work out parenting and financial plans, or address challenges with elderly parents and estate issues.

The family mediator works with all of the people involved in a dispute to explore the issues and find solutions to fit the unique needs of each member of the family. The mediator is neutral and is not the lawyer for any one person in the dispute.

To start out, the family mediator will meet separately with each person involved in the dispute. At this meeting, you will be able to privately share your perspective on the problem, identify your goals for resolution and prepare to participate effectively at the joint mediation sessions.

Joint mediation sessions include all the people involved in the dispute. At the first session, each person signs an Agreement to Mediate, which protects the privacy of information exchanged and the confidentiality of the process. Further mediation sessions are scheduled as needed.

The mediator’s job is to:

  • Manage the agenda to meet your needs
  • Assist you in expressing yourself and hearing other perspectives
  • Manage stressful interactions and high emotion
  • Ensure you have all the information you need to make decisions
  • Work with you to create a variety of options for solving the problem
  • Help you choose the best options based on what is important to you
  • Clarify and record the specific details of your agreement
  • Create opportunities to obtain legal advice throughout the process.

Mediation leads people to a better understanding of the problem. When differences are managed effectively, people can find creative, sensible solutions that meet their interests.

We prefer to work with both partners – which means we are your mediators. We will ensure you connect with experienced lawyers who can give each of you independent legal advice before signing any legal documents. In mediation, both partners receive the Our Family in Two Homes workbook, which helps guide you to consider the important decisions you need to make and to help you better prepare for your work with the mediator.

Collaborative Practice

In Collaborative Practice, you and your spouse/partner negotiate the settlement of your separation issues in a way that promotes respect, places your children first and focuses on meeting the unique needs of your family.

All of this is done without court.

Advantages of Collaborative Practice

  • Your lawyer guides and advises you through the entire negotiation
  • Family and financial professionals support the best and healthiest decision-making
  • Face-to-face meetings make negotiations direct and efficient
  • Your family's needs are the focus
  • You control the decision-making
  • Open and respectful communication is encouraged
  • There is full disclosure of facts and information

Collaborative Practice is a cost-effective, solution-oriented approach to resolving conflict. In this process you will be supported by professionals with the right expertise to guide and inform you along the way, resulting in legally binding agreements that resolve all the issues facing your family after separation.

With the information and guidance you need, you are empowered to make sound, long-lasting decisions that will offer you and your family the best possible transition.

The collaborative process preserves your privacy and your dignity, while giving you the best possible chance of resolving disputes respectfully.

The Collaborative Team Approach

Each collaborative case has 2 lawyers, one for each spouse/partner. Your collaborative lawyer is a negotiation guide who will advise you on your legal rights and obligations, help you articulate what is important to you and your family, and provide support to achieve a settlement which meets your needs and makes the most sense to you and your family. This process can work even when spouses are "far apart" on solutions.

In addition to the case lawyers, Collaborative Practice can include other professionals to support the diverse needs of those involved:

A Collaborative Family Professional can help you address the emotional aspects of your separation and supports both spouses/partners to participate in the collaborative negotiation in an emotionally healthy way.

The Collaborative Child Specialist brings your children's needs and their voices to the collaborative negotiation. As a neutral professional with a focus on your children's needs, the Child Specialist can help you achieve a parenting agreement that gives your children the best chance to thrive.

The Collaborative Financial Professional will help you gather and understand financial information and work with your collaborative lawyers to expand your financial options for resolution.

Collaborative Resources


In a negotiation, we act as your legal advisor and problem solver. Our job is to help you resolve the dispute to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Because of the complexities of family disputes, we know the importance of opening up dialogue to get to the root of the problem.

When clients need to negotiate the resolution of a family dispute, having an effective advocate who understands people and relationships can make all the difference.

At Waterstone Law we understand the human side of disputes and bring a practical, insightful approach to negotiation. We delve into what matters to people and work to find lasting, workable solutions that take into account the dynamics of family relationships.

“Unbundled” and “Limited Retainer” Services

Maybe you can handle some tasks on tour own – or with guidance. At Waterstone Law Group, we are happy to meet you where you need us. That means we can help with some or all of your legal challenges. This is becoming known as “unbundled” or “limited retainer” services.

We can help you determine the areas where you most need our help, and focus only on those areas while offering guidance in the areas you want to try and work out on your own.

We can help you with the drafting of court documents, while supporting you to represent yourself.

Our Resource Packages help you identify your “pain points” – the areas you just can’t solve on your own. And then we can focus there, saving you in legal fees and empowering you to create workable solutions in other areas.

We offer our clients guidance, advocacy and respect. We believe that people are shaped and strengthened by the challenges they face, like a stone in rough water.