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NEW! Small Group Workshops to Help You Prepare to Negotiate a Separation Agreement

September 25, 2017

How to work towards an agreement that will work for you and your family

November 1 and 15, 2017 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm  OR November 9 and 23, 2017 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

If you are going through a separation or divorce, you may struggle to communicate effectively in order to work out an agreement that fits your unique family situation.  You may have a future relationship to manage, whether as a parent or a member of the same community.  There may be challenges understanding information, emotions, legal rights and responsibilities. If, despite the emotional and practical challenges facing your family, you want more than just “a deal”, this workshop is for you.    

Jacinta Gallant, family lawyer and mediator, will provide a structured program which will help you to:

  • identify the issues which need to be solved for your unique family situation
  • gather and organize the information you need to make good decisions
  • explore ways to improve communication while working towards agreement
  • consider your values, needs and concerns and those of your former partner 
  • get past judgments and assumptions about what is and what is not possible
  • articulate what really matters and focus on what is important.

These workshops are limited to 10 individuals.

LOCATION: 89 Hillsborough Street in Charlottetown, PE

COST: $600.00 plus HST  (total $690) - includes 2 three-hour workshops and a detailed workbook.

TO REGISTER: Email info@waterstonelawpei.ca with your full name, contact information and preferred dates. (November 1and 15, OR November 9 and 23) We will contact you to complete the registration process.
Note: We will need the name of your partner/former partner in order to do a conflict check and confirm registration.

Jacinta Gallant will provide general legal information, but not individual legal advice.  Participants will receive a detailed workbook and join in exercises which will help improve communication and clarify what matters. As you work through your own negotiation workbook, you will be gain clarity and be more effective in negotiating the terms of your separation agreement. 

You will not be asked to share your personal information. While there will be experiential learning opportunities, these will be based on imagined situations. The workbook you complete will form the foundation and prepare you for working out the terms of your separation.This workshop is intended for people who want to work out terms of separation without court, and will not cover any family court or litigation subjects.  

We want to ensure all participants are comfortable and, therefore, we ask that partners/former partners register in separate workshops. If you have mobility issues, please let us know as accessing our office requires the climbing of two stairs. 


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