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Never cut what can be untied

July 29, 2015

In my evolution from sole practitioner to principal of our new firm. Waterstone Law Group, I am reminded of an early inspiration: “Never cut what can be untied.”  - Joseph Joubert  (1754).

Ropes can become knots and knots are really useful – think fishing, rappelling, rope ladders and bows. Learning to tie shoelaces is one of our early achievements. When we marry, we “tie the knot”.

On the flip side, when we are anxious, we can feel all “tied up in knots”. The hangman’s noose is a knot. The Gordian Knot symbolizes an intractable problem. And most parents know the struggle of getting knots out of long hair!

A good knot can hold together two separate ropes, strengthen connection, and provide a foundation of trust to climb a rock face.  But when trust and connection are challenged, the knot can feel more like a noose and it is sorely tempting to cut the rope to escape.

But, if what brought you together was important enough that you tied a knot in the first place, then maybe with the right support, you can do the work of untying, so that your rope can be untangled and put to a new and better use.

I am excited to introduce Waterstone Law Group – a firm that focuses on families, the relationships that sustain and challenge them, and the curious, difficult and wonderful things we learn from simply being in relationship. When families face challenges that require legal solutions, we want to be there to help.



We offer our clients guidance, advocacy and respect. We believe that people are shaped and strengthened by the challenges they face, like a stone in rough water.