My Family in Transition Cover

“My Family in Transition”

Resource Package

A practical and comprehensive resource package designed to help you and your partner reach a healthy separation agreement.

Maybe you’re here feeling exhausted. Like you’ve just climbed a mountain. But you’ve finally reached a decision point.


Perhaps it’s been a really long road. Or maybe it came quickly, but with enough impact that you’re left trying to catch your breath.

Regardless of how and when you got here, there’s a good chance emotions are running high for both you and your spouse.

While working out a separation agreement can be difficult, particularly through this sensitive time, it is possible to reach one in a healthy and respectful way. To do this, effective communication is vital.

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The “My Family in Transition” Resource Package has been developed by a family lawyer and mediator to help couples work through the various considerations associated with separation. From learning to communicate with one another in a healthy manner, to making decisions

related to parenting, finances and dividing assets/debts, utilizing this Workbook and accessing the knowledge of an experienced lawyer and mediator is a discreet and practical way to have discussions that matter.

When it’s time to draw up the agreement, you will both be better prepared having worked through the difficult decisions in advance, often saving time and legal fees.

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